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Teen Yoga

Wednesdays and Fridays 4.15 - 5.30pm 
Teen Yoga  £7  per teen

This class is aimed at young people aged twelve to fifteen. Teen Yoga develops strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness, improving posture and physical conditioning. Yoga creates a space for self exploration, cultivating self-awareness, self esteem and positivity during a time of transformation and change.  The asana aspect of yoga allows teens to explore their bodies with creativity and self expression, allowing them to connect and accept the changes taking place. Yoga incorporates breath awareness and mediation, cultivating mental clarity, calm and emotional equilibrium. The moments of relaxation at the end of every yoga class, offers a time for teens to rest, relax and renew, ready to continue their busy lives with a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This class is an introduction to yoga, experienced in a small groups so that each teen yogi receives individual attention, correction and yoga assists. We will explore foundational aspects of asana (postures) with a strong focus on alignment, postural correction and breath awareness.

Classes will be anatomically themed so that each category of asana is experienced: standing postures, seated postures, twists and backbends; pranayama (breath awareness) and relaxation.

Once our teen yogis have progressed, understanding the fundamentals of yoga, our classes will develop towards Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This is an uplifting, energetic style of yoga that links breath and movement in a series of creative namaskars. Vinyasa Flow is sequenced and choreographed to music.

Please contact Heidi on 07814 245194 for further information and to book your place 

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