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Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness practice has been proven to promote a general well being particularly during periods of stress.

There are many types of meditation that can be practiced, some of which can be found at The Tree Room. 

Before joining any meditation group it is recommended that you research the various types of meditation to help in deciding which one is right for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact any of our meditation teachers listed at The Tree Room or for a more general chat please contact the Manager at The Tree Room, Joanne Murr on 07931 118959 or e-mail

Mindfulness is a disciplined practice that teaches us to live in the present, to savour moments and experiences and to learn how to choose wise responses to the challenges of life. It is a specific form of meditation and way of being that enables us to access a peaceful, more stress resilient demeanour and deeper insight into our own nature, including patterns of thinking and behaviour.  Scientific research has shown how regular mindfulness meditation practice can literally change the structure of the brain to make us less stress reactive, improve concentration and decision making and increase feelings of compassion, contentment and inter-connectedness.  


Paul King
Esoteric Mindfulness
Experience the healing calmness of meditation within just 15 minutes.

Paul used to be a driving instructor in Chelmsford and wanted to use meditation to deal with the stresses of work. He tried various mindfulness meditation practices, but found them difficult to do. 

As Paul explains:   "I have always had a very 'busy' mind and found it difficult to relax, so meditating was always a  frustrating experience. So much so, that I became convinced that I couldn't meditate".   

Then in 2006, whilst studying acupuncture in Hawaii he met Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren who taught him a meditation practice that transformed his life. Paul invited Dechan Jueren to England in 2007.  

In the following 3 years Paul was taught directly by Dechan Jueren, in England, Ireland, America and in China, where he spent 100 days in intensive study, including time at the World renowned Shaolin Temple. He became Abbot of the Dari Rulai Fa Yin Temple based in Chelmsford in 2009. Since then Paul has taught these techniques to over 1000 people at various large MBS shows, classes and workshops with over 90% of participants experiencing the Healing Calmness of Meditation in just 15 minutes.
Paul’s aim is to help bridge the gap between the Ancient Wisdom of the East and the Modern World. As Paul states:

"Stress has always been a fact of life, but the use of meditation to help with this has only been studied for the last 50 years in the West. Buddhist Masters have been researching and perfecting meditation techniques to help people for over 2000 years. It therefore makes good sense to utilize this knowledge".

Paul regularly runs introduction sessions and workshops at the Tree Room. 
For dates and to book your place contact Paul on 0784 606 9713, email: or online via


Christiane Mills
A Beginner’s Course with Christiane Mills 

(see Christiane's profile on Spirituality/Reiki page)

One to One Sessions
Some people find the group course sufficient on it’s own. Others have found it very helpful to have one or two individual sessions as well. One to One sessions may be helpful if: You feel unsure about joining a group straight away, or you would like some help with issues that you would prefer to discuss in private. Individual sessions are available at extra cost. Please ask for further details if you are interested.
£20 per hour (three sessions is preferable).

For dates and to book your place please contact: Mrs Christiane Mills Tel: 01206 853055

Jonathan Hallam
Mindfulness Meditation

Jonathan teaches mindfulness meditation and yoga classes at the Tree Room. Both classes are centred around exploring one's own wisdom through developing awareness and self-compassion. Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful way to practise present moment awareness; to gently focus and guide awareness back over and over, as it drifts in a busy mind to the past or to the future. In this way mindfulness promotes a sense of peacefulness and ease without the need to try to be peaceful. Jonathan's yoga classes are based on classical yoga with other influences including self-shiatsu, womb yoga and Buteyko breathing. Each individual is encouraged to listen to their own needs and practise with compassion; to find the point between effort and effortlessness; and to enjoy the progress which is available right now.  

Both classes are available for complete beginners and experienced yogis alike. Jonathan is passionate about sharing the message that yoga is for any body; and that with practise flexibility and strength naturally increases over time.

Booking for classes available at
07920 130 968

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