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Holistic Therapy Practitioner's Training
with Sarah Lane
Sarah offers a wide range of Holistic Therapy courses aimed at Practitioners or for your own enjoyment with family and friends. She is patient and caring and this shines through in her courses and workshops making the whole experience extremely pleasurable as well as informative.
See the full range of what she offers at:
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07593 590 888

Sound Baths

Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath
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Drum Circle
Sunday 1st July
with Ian Bentley
Find your beat, in a fun, releasing and uplifting drum circle. Using Djembe drums and percussion instruments. Drums provided, however please feel free to bring.
Ian will provide some basic guidance in the drum circle; however, this is primarily an opportunity for you to explore the drumming on an individual level of self-expression. No previous experience is required, just let go and have fun.
There are numerous studies that demonstrate the benefits of drumming, this including lowering blood pressure and inducing relaxation. These two elements alone are key factors to disease and can be the primary cause to life-threatening illness. A recent study led by renowned cancer expert Barry Bittman MD demonstrates the benefits of group drumming “Group drumming tunes our Biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin” In addition, drumming as a group is an energising, uplifting and fun experience.
£8 - No experience required
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Padimi Healing Sounds
Date: Saturday 24th June 2018
Time: 3.30pm-5pm

Padimi Healing Sounds are delighted to be back at the Tree Room in Colchester, to create their unique sonic magic once more. This time we celebrate spring with 'Leaf and Light'. Spring is a time of fertility, the returning of the warming sun, of blossoming buds and blue skies.
Come and join us as we allow these energies to be channelled through the sounds of gongs, mantras, drums, singing bowls, poetry, crystal bowls and voices. This will enable a deep meditative state, giving complete peace to your mind, body and soul. It can help with the release of held emotions, or you can use it for your own inner journey work.
Here's what people have said who have experienced the Sound Bath:
"Very moving. Just amazing how deep it goes. Beautiful. Thank you.'
'Beautiful, safe and uplifting."
"My second amazing sound bath with the wonderful Heather, Susi and Mel and their incredible healing words, music and poetry.
You'll be transported by sounds alone through a seasonal journey and leave hopeful, healed and whole. Vibrating with joy. I loved it."
Please bring with you a yoga mat or similar, blankets and cushions for your comfort, plus water for hydration.
We would like to extend a warm welcome to remain afterwards for nibbles and herbal tea.

We recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time as spaces are limited. Please see the booking link above.
***We are offering a limited EARLY BIRD booking price of £10 (plus booking fee) - this offer finishes on the 1st June so be quick!***
After June 1st:
Admission: £15, Conc: £12
(plus booking fee)
Book here:


Destiny Learning Workshops 
Julia Kubler is a gifted and intuitive therapist, trained in London and has been in practice since 1991. An active Anthroposophist for over twenty five years, Julia has been following the teaching and practice of Rudolf Steiner and her courses, workshops and practice have a soul centred approach to self-development and healing. She is offering the following wonderful workshops  at The Tree Room and would be happy to chat with you about them any time!

Destiny Learning 1(Fri eve, Sat and Sun. June 1st/2nd/3rd 2018)
This initial Destiny Learning workshop looks at how we can work at transforming our karma from the past.When we respond differently to the hindering recurrent events in our lives we become more alive and gain more energy to get on with the tasks in this life that we have come here to do.We practice new ways to overcome our habitual tendencies by bringing love into these resistances. We learn to transform blocked energy so that we can move forward more freely into our future.

Destiny Learning 11(Fri eve, Sat and Sun. 13th/14th/15th July 2018 )
What blocks us in our relationships?
This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have completed a course in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars 1 and 11.We will work with the following questions:Who are the people I am karmically connected to?We widen our exploration to include our karmic network of companions. We discover ways in which we hinder creative interaction with them and how we can change this for the better
How can I be freer in them?

Destiny III (Fri eve, Sat and Sun.28th/29th/30th Sept 2018)
This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have completed a course in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars 1 and 11.
We will work with the following questions:
Who are the people I am karmically connected to?
What blocks us in our relationships?
How can I be freer in them?
We widen our exploration to include our karmic network of companions. We discover ways in which we hinder creative interaction with them and how we can change this for the better

Destiny 1V (Fri eve, Sat and Sun.19th/20th/21st Oct 2018 )
This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have already completed courses in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars I, II and III. As a result the course is not held frequently and comes by way of invitation only. It brings to a culmination the Destiny Learning process and we will work with the following questions:
What is a genuine initiative, when did I take such a step, what have I learned from it? How is it connected to the spiritual world and human evolution? How can I take inner and outer steps to really fulfil my life's objectives? 

We explore the taking of initiatives, which heal and order destiny. We become conscious of how our own life's pathway connects to the development of all human beings, also to spiritual beings, and earth evolution.

Julia looks forward to working with you on these courses and cane contacted at 
Tel: 01206 396224


Feng Shui For Your Home
Saturday, June 16 at 10:30 am - 4 pm

Start your Feng Shui journey with this informative workshop. You will be inspired into making simple changes in your home that may help to improve your health, relationships & prosperity

You will learn how influences such as clutter, Geopathic Stress, electro-magnetic fields, may be stopping you from getting on with your life and affecting the Feng Shui of your home. You will find out where your life areas are using the compass Bagua and learn how to support them using the elements, colour, artwork, cures & enhancements & much more. This is a great opportunity to gain an understanding of this wonderful subject and guide you towards living in harmony with your environment.

The Course will include:
Background to Feng Shui
Life Evaluation
Priorities and Protection
Different approaches to Feng Shui
Placing the Bagua on the plan of your house
Learn to dowse
What is Geopathic Stress? How you can deal with it
Electro Magnetic Fields – how they affect us
Dealing with clutter and space clearing
A look at “Chi”
Introduction to the 5 Elements
Yin & Yang
Feng Shui “cures” and enhancements 

Question and answer time for each student to enquire about any particular areas useful to their own particular needs.
Course notes supplied.

You will be required to bring along a floor plan of your home, upstairs and downstairs and also the compass direction that your front door faces. An accurate reading with a compass would be preferable but if you do not have a compass then the general direction that your door faces will be ok for the day.

To take a reading with a compass, stand with your back to your front door with your compass pointing ahead in front of you. Align North with the red arrow and take the reading from the compass to the nearest degree that your front door is facing.

This reading will be used to lay the bagua onto your home to locate your life areas. An example floor plan is also attached.
On the day please bring a pack lunch. Teas and coffees will be available.

£50 for the workshop

To book a place and for more information please email [email protected] or call 07790232086

For testimonials about previous workshops please visit

Jackie Tyrrell is an accredited Feng Shui consultant and member of the Feng Shui Society UK. She teaches workshops, presents talks and also undertakes consultations for homes, business and gardens

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