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Christiane Mills
Member of SHA and the Friendly Group of Healers Association
 Reiki, Healing, Relaxation and Meditation
Having been interested in ‘healing’ for many years Christiane met a Spiritual Healer in 1993, and decided it was time to learn ‘healing’ in a more formal way. 

In 1994, she attended healer-training organised by Suffolk Healers Association and qualified as a Spiritual Healer, after 2 years of training, in 1996. At the same time she started to train as a Reiki Healer and became a Reiki practitioner.
In 2002, Christiane qualified as a Reiki Master/teacher and has trained Spiritual Healers for Suffolk Healers Association, and Reiki Healers independently.
Christiane also teaches relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques to help with stress. She has produced a CD with some of these techniques.
Christiane is a member of the Suffolk Healers Association

If you would like more information on Healing/Reiki sessions, with Christiane, please contact her for details. Contact Christiane Tel: 01206 853055 Email: [email protected]

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