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Clinical Thermography

Janet van Dam 
Clinical Thermographer, 
Low Carb High Fat Nutrition, 
Classical Homeopath 

1998 Diploma Classical Homeopathy, London College of Homeopathy (LCH)2008 Diploma Holistic Nutrition (CIVAS)2010 Certificate Medical Thermographer (Meditherm), member ACCT2010 Diploma Nutritional Coach Metabolic Balance 

Jan's particular interest is in women’s health and metabolic diseases like Diabetes Type II, heart disease and cancer and improving health by reducing inflammation in the body through diet. 
 Yearly thermal breast health checks and the right nutrition can help lower hormone activity and reverse symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease and lymphatic congestion in the armpits and breast tissue. This combination gives you an all-round service which can help you care for your breasts and body without doing any harm and puts you in charge of your health. 

In 2010 Jan trained as a Clinical Thermographer and nutritional coach. Her mother died of breast cancer age 51 from a tumour not spotted by mammography and her sister found her own tumours when she was only 28. Understanding that mammography cannot see well through dense breast tissue in pre-menopausal women, Jan decided to have a thermal breast screening in 2009. She was so impressed with the service that she decided in November 2010 to set up her own mobile clinic offering non-invasive breasts (and body) screenings. 

Since this time, Jan has been working in Spain in a private GP practice and throughout East Anglia hoping to add an extra dimention to breast health care. 

Appointments available Fridays between 10 – 6 PM Information or appointment please contact Janet van Dam – Member ACCT 
Tel.:07539 366 283 

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