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Integrated Yoga Therapy 

Integrated Yoga Therapy is a gentle, personalised approach to health promoting harmony, energy flow, vitality and wellbeing. Blending traditional yogic, mindfulness based and ayurvedic approaches to promote empowerment, self-awareness and self-care, the therapist works collaboratively with the patient to devise a personal practice that can be developed over subsequent sessions.

Using a blend of movement, sound, breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation techniques, the integrated yoga therapy programme is tailored to your individual needs.  

Health issues, lifestyle and wellbeing are considered from both western perspectives and ayurvedic/eastern perspectives and patients develop a tool kit of practices that go beyond symptomatic relief to promote an understanding that there is the potential for wholeness within us all. 

Suitable for adults and children, integrated yoga therapy can be useful for a wide variety of health conditions, rehabilitation following injury or surgery, chronic pain, fatigue, women’s health, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD. 

No prior experience of yoga is necessary and movement is usually gentle and restorative. 

Contact Louise Fortunato for further information or to book an initial consultation. 01206 272453, . 
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