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Julia Kubler is a gifted and intuitive therapist, trained in London and has been in practice since 1991. An active Anthroposophist for over twenty five years, Julia has been following the teaching and practice of Rudolf Steiner and her courses, workshops and practice have a soul centred approach to self-development and healing. 
She is offering the following wonderful workshops and courses at The Tree Room and would be happy to chat with you about them any time!

 Contact Julia on tel: 01206 396224 or e-mail:

(YEAR 1)

Intuitive Colour Counselling Skills    
One Year (120 hrs) Course - 10 weekends monthly
Accredited by the 
 The Association of Natural Medicine

Course Content
The course contains three main elements: Theory, Self-development and Application.

The focus is on experiential learning.

This unique course combines a wide variety of specialist counselling techniques which will enable the student to develop their own intuitive forms of perception. The connection between colour choices and present psychological situation of the client will be explored.
The student's inner strength will be enhanced by balancing the soul faculties of thinking, feeling and willing. This combined with an understanding of the power and healing qualities of color will lead to a wonderfully creative way of facilitating clients.

The course content will include

  • The History of Colour Therapy
  • The Effects of Colour
  • The Aura and Chakras
  • Colour Psychology and Intuitive Counselling Skills
  • Colour Counselling Cards
  • Use of Art Work, Colour Visualisation and Meditation
  • Movement, Elements and Temperaments
  • Early Philosophy of Colour
  • Self-Development
  • Link Support Person
  • Focusing Techniques

Entry Requirements
The course is open access at this level but prospective students should be aware that the course involves experiential and self-awareness exercises that will be demanding of self in interaction with others. This will be explained and experienced at the group and individual interviews.
Prospective students should be aware that this level of the course is a qualification in Intuitive Colour Counselling Skills. This level of the course is an opportunity for holistic therapists, counsellors or other care workers to develop and/or enhance a wider range of counselling skills. This is also the foundation year for the Diploma in Colour Therapy. 
Dates beginning in 2016 are:

Weekend Workshops with Julia

Please see our workshops, courses and events page for Julia's weekend Destiny workshops including a new one "Bringing Light into Darkness"
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